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Our product base has expanded from non-perishable foods (such as canned tomato products, fruit cocktail and other fruits, vegetables, sardines, mackerel, tuna, and hot sauce, etc.) and commodities [rice, beans, organic sugar, chia seeds, quinoa, blackbeans, cornmeal, pasta, powdered milk, butter, cereal, vegetable oil (which we used to pack in our own facility in Hialeah, Florida, under our own label, “Crown”)], to other products, such as disposable baby and adult diapers and razors, fragrances, cosmetics, wines, liquors, and beverages.  We also sell branded grocery items in accordance with our customer’s needs. In addition to being distributors and packers, we are also “purchasing and sourcing agents” for some of our overseas accounts.  Our services allow our customers to get the best prices in the USA for the products they need.

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Welcome to REGAL PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL, INC., (RPI) and our diverse lines of import and export products. Our company was founded in 2004 with experienced, multi-cultural, trading personnel.  A unique blend of trading and brokerage personnel allows us to easily access the Central and South American markets, as well as the Caribbean Basin.  We are also selling many different products into Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and to East Asia. We have many exclusive export sales contracts with producers of domestic products.  Our diverse foreign distribution network allows us to provide markets for many of these products.


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